Officers reunited with baby they delivered in the street

The family and the police officers who delivered the child have been reunited (Metropolitan Police/PA)
The family and the police officers who delivered the child have been reunited (Metropolitan Police/PA)

The mother of a baby boy delivered by police officers on the street has said she feels “incredibly lucky” they happened to be patrolling nearby.

Emergency response officers Pcs Mia Kerr, Tom Palmer Kirsty Roberts and Ali Miah have now been reunited with the family after they rushed to help with the birth, the Metropolitan Police said.

Pc Kerr and Pc Palmer were on patrol in Southwark south London on August 20 when they frantically waved down by father-to-be Marco De Carli asking for help as his partner was going into labour nearby.

Pc Kerr informed the control room and went with her colleague to help the mother Martina Janes before Pc Roberts and Pc Miah arrived to assist.

Ms Janes, 36, said: “It was at the same time the scariest and most wonderful experience we ever had.

“The right lovely people happened to be there and we feel incredibly lucky.

“Their kindness made us so comfortable that I couldn’t feel any fear and we honestly have no words to thank them enough.

“Our family will remember them for the rest of our life.”

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) gave instructions to Pc Roberts on how to deliver the baby Davide through the phone but the birth was complicated by the umbilical cord being wrapped around the child’s neck.

Pc Roberts managed to unwrap the cord and deliver the baby safely, as Pc Kerr comforted the mother, and Pc Palmer and Pc Miah gathered makeshift items to assist the delivery.

Other officers held up blankets to protect the mother’s privacy.

After the baby was born, Pc Kerr tied the cord with the elastic tie on a medical face mask, and then the boy was wrapped up in a blanket and bandages from police first aid kits while they waited for paramedics to arrive shortly afterwards.

Pc Kerr said that while the experience was “overwhelming”, she knew the team needed to act swiftly.

She said: “This was an overwhelming and incredible experience, being able to help such a beautiful family in their time of need.

“It was not what I expected when I started my shift that day, but I knew we needed to act quickly for the safety of both mother and baby.”

Pc Roberts added: “This was an unbelievable experience.

“The team leapt into action without hesitation when they realised what was going on.

“We’re used to dealing with emergencies and the unexpected, but this did take us a little by surprise.

“It’s been so lovely to see how the family have been getting on.

“It was a privilege to deliver their baby and it’s something I will never forget.”

All officers involved hope to keep in contact with the family.

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