Ohio doctor who tweeted she would give Jewish people ‘the wrong meds’ fired by hospital


A US doctor in Cleveland, Ohio, was reportedly fired after she shared anti-semitic comments online.

The former employee, who has been identified as Lara Kollab, was a supervised resident at The Cleveland Clinic, reported.

She worked in the clinic from July to September 2018 before she was let go after tweets dating back to 2011, which were highly offensive to Jewish people, were discovered.

Several tweets posted by the 27-year-old, the Canary Mission discovered, called for violence against Jewish people, labelling them "dogs".

In addition, in 2012, Kollab's account also tweeted that she would "purposely give all the yahood the wrong meds," using the Arabic word for Jews.

In a statement, the hospital wrote:

She is no longer working at Cleveland Clinic. In no way do these beliefs reflect those of our organisation. We fully embrace diversity, inclusion and a culture of safety and respect across our entire health system.

Touro College, where Kollab was an alumni, also condemned her tweets:

Touro College is appalled by the anti-semitic comments reportedly made by Lara Kollab, a graduate of the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. The mission of Touro College is to educate, perpetuate and enrich the historic Jewish tradition of tolerance and dignity..

Kollab, who had been issued a training medical licence in July 2018, reportedly remains active.

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