Parklife festival cancels man’s winning tickets after he tries to sell them

Parklife Festival taking place in 2018
Parklife Festival taking place in 2018
Max Miechowski

Winning festival tickets - especially after a year of much reduced socialising - is a dream for some, but apparently a profiteering opportunity for others.

Hamish Wigley-Smith, 19, was given two Parklife tickets after winning a competition to come up with best group chat name.

His winning submission – “Turn the Heaton On” – incorporated the name of the Manchester festival’s site, Heaton Park.

But Mr Wigley-Smith promptly went on to try and sell the tickets - worth £150 - for £350.

The festival were quick notice, and replied to one tweet by cancelling his tickets.

This very public interaction resulted in very mixed reactions, some arguing for - or against - the way the festival had managed this, and others mocking the teenager.

Mr Wigley-Smith took to his Twitter to call those disagreeing with him as “snowflakes”.

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