Paul Manafort owns a $15,000 ostrich skin jacket and people think it's hideous

DoJ/ Mark Wilson/Getty Images/ Twitter

Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Trump's campaign, is currently on trial in the US for fraud, tax evasion and other related charges.

He faces 32 different counts of those offences but the Internet believes that he should be facing another charge, which is truly criminal.

After the prosecutors showed the jury a $15,000 ostrich skin jacket as an example of his lavish lifestyle, Twitter completely lost it.

Just for reference here is what the jacket looks like.

We'll be honest we've seen worse but no way is that jacket worth $15,000. It looks like something your gran might have picked up on Saturday from a town market.

Once it made its way online everyone started to question just why anyone in their right mind would pay that much for something like that.

Then criticism of the actual quality of this fashion garment started to arrive and they were brutal.

Plenty of comparisons were also made.

Rumours of the jacket's existence had been doing the rounds for a while but some folks were a little disappointed when it was finally revealed.

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