Piers Morgan brutally takes down Nigel Farage for claiming Trump never told anyone to 'inject bleach'

Piers Morgan and Nigel Farage have managed to get into a heated argument on Good Morning Britain about whether president Trump told people to 'inject bleach' to cure Covid-19.

The two got into a spat over Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, following Trump's surprise performance at the US election, where he has managed to hold on to many of the states that he won in 2016, at the time of writing.

Morgan, who used to be friends with Trump but has since turned into a critic of the president during the pandemic, lamented Trump during a video call with the Brexiteer where he listed the many misguided things Trump has said about the disease.

His handling of this pandemic has been an utter disaster and I said this to him the other day and that's one of the reasons we had a little falling out. I just thought that his whole strategy of taking this so lightly, not dealing with it properly has lead to America now having 220,000 deaths, the worst record by far of anyone in the world. Infections are going through the roof in most states now. His refusal to mandate people to wear masks, to tell them from the podium to take it seriously, wear your mask, socially distance, all that kind of thing.

Morgan continued:

His nonsensical cure theories, like bleach and so on. All of it to me was woefully irresponsible.

However, Farage interrupted the presenter to contest whether Trump had actually told people to 'inject bleach.' The irate former Ukip leader yelled:

No, no, no. End this nonsense. He never mentioned bleach Piers. Do not allow your viewers to believe that.

Morgan fired back and told Farage that the president did indeed mention 'bleach' as a cure for coronavirus back in April. Farage seemed flabbergasted by this and asked Morgan if he was being 'serious' before shouting 'wrong' over and over again.

The two were almost stunned into silence by the other's refusal to back down and Farage appeared to be on the verge of swearing before telling the reporter that he was talking "utter rubbish."

In fairness to Farage, Trump did say 'disinfectants' at the infamous coronavirus press briefing from many months ago but they are basically the same thing. This is what the president said at the time:

I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning.

Morgan has since tweeted his disbelief at the interview with Farage.

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