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Piers Morgan has been challenged over the fact that he's failed to criticise Donald Trump, and it has to be said that it's perfect.

In a tweet on 12 July, Morgan wrote:

WHAT??? This is outrageous. Take your censorship tanks off our lawn @MetPoliceUK. 

We're not in Russia. 

The tweet that Morgan had taken exception to was from Sam Cotes, which shared some advice from Scotland Yard telling editors not to publish leaked government documents.

In the tweet, he said:

I would advise all owners, editors and publishers of social and mainstream media not to publish leaked government documents that may already be in their possession, or which may be offered to them, and to turn them over to the police or give them back to their rightful owner, Her Majesty's Government.

So, in response, the Secret Barrister said:

Well said, Piers. Can you help me out though - I’m looking through your tweets for your condemnation of Trump when he attacked journalists as 'Enemies of the People', incited violence against journalists at his rallies and joked with Putin about having reporters killed. Any idea?

In response, Morgan issued a tweet, that he since deleted. In it, he wrote:

I've repeatedly criticised him for doing that, as I often criticise him for many other things I don't agree with too. 

Those who actually read my tweets and columns know this, those like you who prefer to ignorantly virtue-signal do not. 

The Secret Barrister was having none of it. Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

Morgan's riposte? A blocking, that's what.

To sum up? A story of a snowflake, in four acts.

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