Police have urged people to come together and report hate crimes on 3 April, the day that has been cruelly dubbed ‘Punish a Muslim’ day.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told indy100:

There is no credible information to suggest there is any criminal activity that will take place. However, we recognise the alarm and distress such messages cause and an investigation led by Counter-Terrorism Policing North-East, and supported by the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command, is ongoing to identify those responsible. 

These messages seek to cause fear and mistrust amongst our communities and to divide us. Yet in spite of this our communities have shown strength in their response to such hatred and in their support for each other.

The Met has strong working relationships with communities across London, following these concerns being expressed to us by community leaders at a recent meeting at New Scotland Yard they have been carefully considered and are informing our response.

They urge communities to take part in a #WeStandTogether campaign to “demonstrate once again that London is a tolerant city”.

Tell MAMA, an organisation that records and measures anti-Muslim incidents in the UK, have released a security bulletin with safety tips for outwardly identifying Muslims, especially women.

The threatening letters sent to Muslim households and the targeting of four Muslim MPs shows how extremists want us to be fearful as they seek to threaten our individual freedoms and our institutions.

"Whilst we share your deep concerns and fears, we recommend that you continue your daily routines while remaining vigilant and continue to look out for each other," Leicestershire Police Chief Constable Simon Cole told The National.

"It’s not only in the City of London that police are aware of the potential threat.

We have operational plans in place should anything happen on what will hopefully be an ordinary day.

Some Muslims are understandably afraid.

Lots of organisations are expressing solidarity with Muslims using the hashtag #WeStandTogether.

Like Board of Deputies of British Jews.

And the Women's Equality Party.

Transport for London.

Islington Council.

People, too are coming out in droves to extend their support to Muslims.

Others are encouraging people to use the opportunity to #TweetAMuslim.

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