City plagued by Celine Dion 'siren battles' call for action

City plagued by Celine Dion 'siren battles' call for action
Auckland’s underground street music scene: cars, loud speakers and late-night sound battles

Most people have had to put up with noisy neighbours at some point – but for residents of one New Zealand city, it’s on another level.

Music enthusiasts in Porirua are terrorising entire neighbourhoods by decking their cars out with loudspeakers and blasting hits by Céline Dion in so-called “siren battles”.

The battles are part of a local subculture called “siren kings”, where people compete to have the loudest and clearest sound.

They often use dozens of industrial speakers and sirens, either cruising around neighbourhoods or blaring the music in car parks.

And now, residents have had enough.

Porirua’s mayor, Anita Baker, said residents are being kept up at night by the speaker competitions.

She said: “We need to find somewhere alternative for these people to go or they need to stop.”

There is even a petition calling for the Siren Kings to stop, set up by local Wes Gaarkeuken. So far, it has 236 signatures.


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It reads: “Enough is enough. Porirua City Council must act and stop the gathering of car meets blasting music and emergency sirens noises at all hours of the night.

“Ratepayers are tired of the inaction and dismissive attitude shown by the council and the mayor concerning this issue.

“Disturbances of the peace must be enforced and ratepayers deserve better from their council.”

Céline Dion’s music is a popular choice because it is clear, has high treble and not much bass.

With battles taking place in the city centre and in residential areas, dozens of residents have also complained to Baker.

She continued: “It’s vibrating all over the city wherever they do it because we’re in a basin. It’s really frustrating.”

Diana Paris added on the petition’s account: “I’m sick of the disturbing of the peace that sometimes goes on for hours.

“Although I enjoy listening to Céline Dion in the comfort of my lounge and at my volume, I do not enjoy listening to fragments of it stopping and starting anytime between 7pm and 2am.”

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