People are obsessed with the Queen's handbag in photos of her meeting Liz Truss

People are obsessed with the Queen's handbag in photos of her meeting Liz Truss
Key moments from Liz Truss’s first PMQs as PM
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Liz Truss officially became the UK's new prime minister after she visited the Queen at Balmoral Castle on Tuesday - but people are obsessed with another small detail from the meeting.

In a break from Buckingham Palace tradition over concerns about the 96-year-old's mobility, the new leader of the country can be seen shaking hands with the monarch who was holding a walking stick and wearing a white blouse and cardigan along with a Balmoral tartan skirt in the green drawing room inside the Scottish residence.

However, there is something else people have noticed The Queen always sports...

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Alongside her walking stick was her trusty handbag, which she always seems to have on her arm and on this occasion it was a shiny, classic black leather one.

The Queen reportedly owns over 200 Launer London bags, according to Harper's Bazaar.

On Twitter, one person loved the fact that the Queen can't go anywhere without her little black bag and wrote: "The Queen has her handbag on her arm in her own front room. I couldn't adore her more."

Though the accessory has left some people puzzled as to why the Queen needed to carry a handbag around in her own home.

"Why does the Queen walk around her own house with her handbag?" one person asked.

Someone else questioned whether it was necessary for the 96-year-old to carry her handbag and tweeted: "The Queen's at home. Does she need a handbag with her? Surely at her age, any extra weight she doesn't need to carry is a good thing, right?"

One person injected some humour, by speculating the Queen always has her handbag with her because "she might get hungry," as they shared another image from the sketch with Paddington Bear as part of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations where he offered Her Majesty a marmalade sandwich from his hat, only for the Queen to reveal she keeps one in her handbag.

There was even a request for the Queen to do a "What's in my bag?" YouTube video, now that we would all love to see...

"There's no way she keeps any money on her or even an ID," one person guessed.

There is even a parody account for the handbag.

While it might be handy to hold some essentials, apparently the bag is used by the monarch to send communication signals to staff about her wishes.

For example, a switcheroo from holding the bag in one hand to the other indicates that she is ready to finish her conversation with whoever she is talking to.

"It would be very worrying if you were talking to the Queen and saw the handbag move from one hand to the other” royal historian Hugo Vickers told PEOPLE.

"It would be done very nicely," he added, "someone would come along and say, ‘Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you.'"

Her Majesty with previous PM's Boris Johnson (left) and Theresa May (right) and the monarch can be seen holding two of her classic black handbagsPhoto by Victoria Jones - WPA Pool/Getty Imagesand Photo by Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Queen can also be seen holding a bag when meeting former prime ministers Boris Johnson in 2019 and Theresa May in 2016 when they both became leader.

So what exactly does the Queen keep inside her bag?

On Sundays, the monarch has money (either £5 or £10) in her bag to donate to the church, according to royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith.

Lipstick, Kleenex and a comb are some of the other essentials while royal handbag expert, Phil Dampier also said Her Majesty has "A collection of good luck charms given to her by her children, including miniature dogs, horses and saddles, clutter up the bag," he wrote in his book What's In The Queen's Handbag: And Other Royal Secrets.

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