Queen reportedly turned down easement of restrictions for Prince Philip's funeral

Queen reportedly turned down easement of restrictions for Prince Philip's funeral
Queen pays tribute to Prince Philip in Christmas Day message

The Queen reportedly turned down an offer from Downing Street to ease lockdown restrictions for Prince Philip’s funeral.

Following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death on 9th April last year, Buckingham Palace was reportedly offered an easement of restrictions, which would have allowed more than 30 mourners to attend and relaxed social distancing rules, according to Private Eye.

But the Queen declined the offer as it would be unfair to others who were also bereaved during lockdown.

The magazine reports: “The palace told Downing Street that she wanted to set an example rather than be an exception to the rules.”

Just 30 attended the funeral instead of the planned 800. Mourners wore masks and were socially distanced during the service, and plans for military processions through London or Windsor were scrapped.

The story comes as the partygate scandal continues and Boris Johnson’s fate as prime minister hangs in the balance.

On the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, when indoor mixing was banned, Downing Street allegedly held two parties.

According to The Telegraph, “excessive alcohol was drunk”, “guests danced”, and someone was sent out to a Co-op to fill a suitcase with bottles of wine.

Last week Number 10 apologised to the Queen, with Boris Johnson himself publicly apologising to Queen and country this week.

On Tuesday, Johnson appeared emotional and could be heard breathing heavily behind his face mask when asked about the two parties.

He told reporters: “I deeply and bitterly regret that that happened.

“I can only renew my apologies both to Her Majesty and to the country for misjudgments that were made, and for which I take full responsibility.”

Downing Street has previously confirmed that an apology had been offered to Buckingham Palace after the parties came to light, but that was delivered through officials.

It seems as the Queen grieved alone for her husband of 73 years, Downing Street staff nursed hangovers.

Indy100 has contacted Downing Street and Buckingham Palace for comment.

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