Question Time audience member says 'Putin is Hitler with nuclear weapons'

Question Time audience member says 'Putin is Hitler with nuclear weapons'
‘Afraid for people living in Ukraine’: Russians talk about Putin’s attack
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As Russia invades Ukraine and lives have already been lost, one Question Time audience member likened Vladimir Putin to “Hitler with nuclear weapons”.

After months of fear and suspicion that Russia was gathering troops at the border of Ukraine to invade. On Thursday those fears were confirmed as Russia’s president declared war.

Russia is launching an assault on the country by land, sea and air and reports say many lives have already been lost in the violence.

Unsurprisingly, last night’s Question Time on BBC broadcasting from Harrow focussed on the violence as audience members and the panel shared their thoughts and fears.

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One audience member asked the panel: “Putin is Hitler with nuclear weapons. I’m scared. Are any of you scared?”

In response to her honest question, panel member Professor Timothy Garton Ash from Oxford University responded: “We should all be scared. And we should be prepared for much more threatening behaviour coming our way.

“You know, we keep making the same mistake. We keep thinking this stuff is happening over there in Eastern Europe and it’s not going to affect us.”

Russian troops have reportedly captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and some people have compared the violence to something out of a video game.

In Russia, citizens have been gathering to protest the war that Putin has declared and globally, world leaders have condemned the invasion.

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