The Queue to see the Queen now has its own weather forecast

The Queue to see the Queen now has its own weather forecast
Queen Elizabeth II lying in state queue reopened with a wait time ...

A huge number of people have been queuing to see the Queen's coffin in Westminster.

So many people, in fact, that the queue has almost become a bigger news story than the actual death of the Queen

At times, the queue tracker has warned of waiting times of at least 24 hours and it stretches across five miles of London.

The Government has even advised people to dress for all weather, and come equipped with food and drink.

And now, the BBC are including 'the queue' in its weather forecasts, as if it is a geographical area in its own right:

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The coffin will remain in the hall for the public to view until 6.30am on Monday, ahead of the state funeral in Westminster Abbey.

It has been declared a Bank Holiday by King Charles III so people may mourn the late monarch and many shops and leisure outlets will be closed, while the country will also observe a two minute silence.

We live in a very normal country.

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