New York Post screengrab

Yet another video of a racist incident in America has gone viral.

The clip of a woman shouting anti-Muslim slurs on a city bus travelling from Brooklyn to Staten Island is getting traction online, the New York Post reports.

Ashley, as the woman identifies herself, was caught on camera swearing at a woman in a headscarf.

She says:

Did you see the sign, you f**king speak English?

Noticing she was being filmed, she turned to the camera and added:

I’m getting into a fight with some Muslim chick because she has an attitude because she thinks she has rights she doesn’t have.

She proceeds to further make fun of the Muslim woman, saying ‘immigration’s at the door’.

Oh wait is that ICE? They’re here for you.

The video comes as a series of racist incidents erupt across the country.

In a video from last month, a man was charged with assault after a video of him insulting a woman wearing a t-shirt with a Puerto Rican flag went viral. He told her she ‘should not be wearing that’.

A Mexican American man and his mother were racially abused by a white woman who told them to ‘go back to Mexico’ and called the man a ‘rapist’, citing Trump.

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