Are 'pink haired liberals' really killing New York's pizza?

Are 'pink haired liberals' really killing New York's pizza?
Protester hurls pizza at New York City Hall amid anger over 'wood …

US right-wingers are cross with liberals because they think they are ruining New York pizza.

In a spat that has been dubbed pizzagate, right-wingers are getting their knickers in a twist about a new air quality rule that comes into effect this week and requires a handful of pizzerias to reduce the exhaust fumes that could harm neighbours by using a small air filter.

“Some f***ing little liberal arts, Ivy-League, pink-haired, crazy liberal who’s never worked one day in the real world is trying to get rid of coal oven pizzerias in New York City,” said Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports.

Meanwhile, pro-Trump activist, Scott LoBaido took things one step further by shouting about “woke” lawmakers at New York’s city hall, throwing slices of pizza over the gate.

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Unsurprisingly, the air quality rule won't ruin pizza though. It asks restaurants to reduce particulate matter by installing a type of air filter in their chimneys to keep dangerous dust from blowing into their neighbours’ homes.

They don't affect the taste of pizza, experts say, and they are common in Italy which is also known for some pretty good pizza, if you didn't know.

So it seems like this is all a fuss about nothing. We're shocked...

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