Right-wing website mocked for sharing image of family holding guns including dog

Charlie Duffield
Monday 08 March 2021 15:49

The image is actually a cover for the video game The American Dream, which is a satire about gun culture

(Samurai Punk)

The “free speechsocial media site Gabfmembers has earned a reputation in recent years for attracting members of the far-right and has been linked to the domestic terrorists responsible for the mass shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018.

Recently, its main Twitter account posted a strange image, of an All American, white, middle-class family in their back yard, all holding guns - including the dog, alongside the caption: “Our way of life must be preserved”.

The picture is actually a cover for the video game The American Dream, which is a satire about gun culture....and it appears the Gab was not aware of this fact.

Nevertheless, the tweet went viral, with people mercilessly mocking it.

The writer Thor Benson re-tweeted the image, adding: “This is literally no one’s way of life .”

He went on to say: “My favourite responses to this are people telling me to go to the South (I live in the South).”

Someone else astutely noticed: “I think this is the cover art for a video game that definitely is not coming from the same worldview as gabsters.”

Shannon Watts said: “An America in which even dogs are armed.”

Frank Figliuzizzi wrote: “Tactically, there’s a cross-fire risk here; I’m just saying.”

Someone else photoshopped the image to include a flag saying TRUMP LOST LOL and wrote: “Fixed it”.

Julia Ioffe commented: “I mistakenly thought this was a parody.”

And Jennifer Scheurle added: “Oh my god I’m absolutely loving this incredible self-own. The image is taken from a video game making fun of America’s obsession with gun ownership.”

In the end, the tweet did generate a lot of attention - just not exactly the positive kind.

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