The latest Tory leadership contender, Rory Stewart, has said that he intends to heal the UK "with love".

Uh, right.

Appearing on BBC's 'Question Time', he delivered an impassioned speech about the divisions in the country brought about primarily because Tory prime minister David Cameron launched a Brexit referendum.

“I think if there is a challenge for our society,” the fresh-faced secretary of state for international development began, “one big challenge, above all, is to heal divisions.”

We’re now split: north against south, Scotland against England, old against young, we’ve got to find our way to the common ground.

Getting to that common ground is about understanding particular details and listening and sorting things and about acting.

The key word, he went on to say, is "love".

The key word we need to get back to, a word which is so powerful and nobody ever uses in politics is the word 'love'.

People think his words are, while well-meaning, rather disingenuous given the current state of Tory government...

"Jog on."

They're not here for "compassionate conservativism".

Stewart recently got caught filming a fake selfie video, and made headlines after it was revealed that he smoked opium in Iran.

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