Russia can't make anti-Turkish t-shirts because (you guessed it) the fabric comes from Turkey

Russia can't make anti-Turkish t-shirts because (you guessed it) the fabric comes from Turkey

Relations between Russia and Turkey have been frosty since Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border last month.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkey has nothing to apologise for. Vladimir Putin, predictably, said the same, adding how shocked he was by the actions of "a friend".

The Russian government has banned fruit and vegetable imports and stopped tour operators from offering holidays to Turkey in a bid to hurt the country's economy.

Patriotic citizens want to do their part, too: the Russian News Service (RNS) reports that some Russian designers have offered clothing designs to fuel the growing anti-Turkish rhetoric.

However, there's a hitch in the plan: they can't fill orders because of the disruption in fabric imports from Turkey.

Designer Alexander Konasov told RNS Turkey was a "monopolist" on Russia's fabrics market, but he is determined to find a way around the problem to make designs such as 'We don't need Turkish shores, we now have Crimea and snowy Sochi' (above, centre) and another showing Erdogan being chased by a bear with the caption 'Run Turk Run!'

Our clients follow the news and want to express their solidarity... Our T-shirts are part of how people can express their views on foreign policy and on patriotism.

RNS quoted designer Yekaterina Dobryakova as saying while she was planning on making 'ironic' t-shirts about Turkey, the ban was hurting her existing business.

I had no plans to make T-shirts with the theme of war, or even a political theme, but the trucks [at the border] have indeed been stopped, and very soon we won't be able to sew, because all Russian fabric suppliers are working with Turkey, and we have no domestic alternative.

HT: The Moscow Times

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