Footage of San Diego police shooting at a homeless woman sparks protests

A video showing police shooting at a homeless woman sparked protests in San Diego.

Bailey Anderson, who says she filmed the incident from her home in California, posted the video to Twitter.

She told The Daily Dot that the woman who was shot at had had an argument with a man around 45 minutes before police arrived. She added that the woman appeared to have a knife.

Her video shows that the woman was shot at and pursued by multiple police officers and a dog as she tried to flee.

San Diego Police say that they used less lethal bean bag rounds after the woman refused to drop her knife.

Anderson told The Daily Dot that after filming the incident, she saw a gash in the woman’s face and officers holding her down for at least 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

San Diego Police said:

“This afternoon our officers responded to a 911 call of a woman stabbing a man downtown…"

"Both the victim and suspect were taken to a local hospital for evaluation of their injuries. Once medically cleared the woman will be booked in to jail for Assault w/a deadly weapon and other related charges.”

Twitter users reacted with anger to the police’s use of force.

A protest against “SDPD brutality” was apparently organised in response to the incident.

indy100 has contacted Bailey Anderson and the San Diego Police Department for further comment and we’ll update you if they respond.

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