This footage of camels in Saudi Arabia walking around in snow has people concerned


If you would ask the average person on the street to describe what they would imagine Saudi Arabia to look like (presuming that they hadn't already been there) then they would probably go for the cliched image of a swelteringly hot landscape in the desert, with a few camels around.

That might sound stereotypical but it would be fairly accurate.

However, if they would have seen a recent clip that has emerged from the Middle Eastern nation then they might have a different answer.

In the northwest region of the country, 120 miles from the Red Sea, a freak storm led to snow falling in the desert near Tabuk leading camels to graze around in a very unlikely winter wonderland.

Temperatures for the region at this time of year are usually 4 C but it is usually dry and not snowing.

Snow is not completely out of the ordinary for Saudi Arabia, as snowfall was recorded there in April 2019.

According to Eric Leister, a senior meterologist for AccuWeather, the snow was created from a storm that travelled from southern Europe.

A powerful storm tracked from southern Europe and the Mediterranean into the Middle East last week, pulling cold air into the region and resulting in the snowfall.

[It’s] not crazy for them to get snow, it's just typically dry. 

This same storm system then tracked farther east caused deadly flooding and heavy snow with avalanches from Iran into Pakistan and Afghanistan.

However, the climate crisis has caused many people to become very concerned at the sight of camels in Saudi Arabia walking around in the snow.

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