New Netflix show labelled ‘Selling Sunset knock-off’ and accused of racist depiction of Black character

A show where a team of glamorous estate agents compete to sell luxury properties for huge commissions?

No, not Selling Sunset, but Million Dollar Beach House, Netflix’s latest entry in its ‘rich people selling things to even richer people’ canon.

Many have turned to the show to try and fill the void left by finishing the most recent season of Selling Sunset too quickly.

But viewers say they’ve been disappointed by MDBH, which follows a group of estate agents in the Hamptons.

As reported by The Tab, there’s been accusations of racism made against the programme.

They mostly centre around the treatment of Noel, the only Black realtor featured.

He also happens to be the show’s appointed ‘villain’.

But people don’t think his portrayal, or way Noel’s colleagues treat him, is warranted.

In fact they’re calling it downright offensive.

“The agents on Million Dollar Beach house seem kinda racist....... I was so excited to see Noel but then the way the others act towards him? Not right,” wrote one viewer.

“And it really isn’t like Selling Sunset. I want my Christine Quinn”.

Noel’s conflict with fellow agent Peggy becomes a central point of drama – but people aren’t happy about it.

There were complaints about the ‘tired’ backstory Noel was given – and the fact his name is whitewashed.

Some even said the show should never have been approved for airing.

A scene where Noel’s brother is made to speak Korean also left a bad taste.

Essentially, the show got a bad review.


Selling Sunset, please return. Streaming needs you.

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