Seven times the world beautifully backfired against Britain First this year

Christmas is a time of goodwill and generosity and we do admit that we're sort of going against that sentiment here.

However, as it's nearly the end of the year, we thought we'd reflect on all the times that life has backfired for the hapless right-wing group that's done its best to drain Britain of, erm, goodwill and generosity.


1. When they launched a new app and got torn to shreds in the reviews

And your faith in humanity was temporarily restored...

2. When they held a 'Britannia Ball' in Wigan and about 7 people turned up

Funnily enough, the group seems to have deleted most of the Facebook and Twitter posts from that night. But here's a photo that we recovered:

3. When they tried to promote nationalist values and, er, accidentally used a picture of a Polish spitfire


Posted by Britain First on Sunday, 28 December 2014

Established in 1940, the Polish Air Force contributed nearly 150 fighter pilots to the Allied efforts in the Battle of Britain and by the end of the war boasted more than 19,000 airmen.

The Spitfire Britain First used is from the 303 Squadron and has the markings of renowned pilot Jan Eugeniusz Ludwig Zumbach. The red and white insignia of the Polish Air Force is also clearly visible next to the propeller.

(This one is actually from the end of December last year but as they also spelled "unparalleled" wrong, we thought we'd include it anyway.)

4. When they got skewered by comedian Jason Manford on Facebook, tried to attack him and got skewered again

Manford revealed that he had deleted several school friends from Facebook for sharing Britain First’s videos. “Nowt more depressing than finding out someone you know is a racist,” he said.

Britain First also responded on its own Facebook page with a photo of Manford next to fellow comedian Ross Noble with a Nazi flag in the background, believed to be taken when the pair starred in a production of the Mel Brooks musical The Producers, which is based around a play called Springtime for Hitler.

“Not like Britain First to take a photo out of context and then use it to popularise their bigoted views!” Manford wrote on Facebook. Many, many LOLs.

5. When there was a documentary about them on the BBC and everyone mocked them

It also turns out Britain First leader Paul Golding is basically just a right-wing David Brent...

6. When they held an anti-mosque rally in Burton-on-Trent and it backfired in a brilliantly British way

Counter-protesters held up this great sign:

An anti-fascist group 'sponsored' the Britain First march and raised thousands for a refugee charity:

In a message on the fundraising page, organiser Andrew explained:

I thought that it would make much more sense if their efforts could be put to good use in raising money for desperate refugees here in the UK.

This way, the haters will be doing good for the targets of their hate.

And there were even reports that members of the local mosque were handing out tea and biscuits to the marchers.

7. When they emailed their members for donations and it was revealed almost all their anti-immigrant statistics were laughably wrong

There were at least five things wrong with the email, as's Bethan McKernan explains here.

We can't wait to see what 2016 brings.

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