Men are seriously complaining that snack branding isn't overtly sexist anymore
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These days, it’s often argued by very silly people that straight white men are some sort of “oppressed majority”.

It’s a sad truth that when people are used to a position of privilege, any changes which address inequality or seek to level the playing field are seen as some sort of oppression. And this is even the case when it comes to mainstream culture naturally moving on with the times. If you scroll through social media, there is no shortage of men complaining that everything is changing too fast and, to be honest, it’s a little bit sad.

Anyway, the latest instalment in this pushback against any form of change comes in the form of snack branding. Yes, really.

We regret to inform you that men on Twitter are feeling very nostalgic for sexist branding of snacks including Yorkie, McCoy's and Pot Noodle.

A viral tweet on the topic lamented that this era was the “last great decade of non-PC lad culture. Feminists wounded. Snowflakes covering their eyes in horror. I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again.”

Sadly, some people agreed. But thankfully most thought it was very embarrassing.

Lots of people, including many men who are happy this type of thing is in the past, promptly chimed in.

It might be the year 2020 but masculinity still seems to be so fragile.

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