Saturday Night Live took to the airwaves to mock conspiracy theories about voter fraud during the midterm elections by parodying conservative commentator Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show.

The sketch featured Kate McKinnon, known for her impression of Hillary Clinton, as Ingraham. Cecily Strong plays fellow Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, who warns of what Ingraham called "rampant voter fraud that allowed Democrats to literally steal the election".

Some have claimed that suburban women revolted against the Republican Party — but doesn’t it feel more true that all Hispanics voted twice?

You can’t dismiss that idea simply because it isn’t true and sounds insane.

More "alternative facts” designed to mock Fox News viewers followed, like "Santa is Jesus's dad", "blackface is a compliment" and "If the Earth is so warm, then why are my feet cold?"

The sketch also targeted parody advertisers on the show, including a fashion catheter company, the manufacturer of baptism kits for dogs and a brand of "whites only" yolk-less eggs.

H/T: NBC News

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