People are grossed out by this very NSFW 'cleaning' product and we don't blame them

There are many sex-related innovations that have actively improved the lives (and the quality of bedroom antics) of millions.

The pill. Condoms. Cosmo. Vibrators. Lube. Cock rings. Strap ons.

However, occasionally brainworms clearly have more of a hand in some ideas than others.

Introducing the come&gone sponge – or as the internet is calling it, the “cum sponge”.

It is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin: soak up any evidence of coitus that’s been deposited in a vagina.

Essentially yes - it is designed to absorb cum.

And the thing is, the cum sponge is not new – people were chatting about it in October – but it's freshly incensed the internet all over again.

“Did every man who's ever tried to say 'it just feels better w/o a condom and also if i don't pull out :(((' get together and invent this monstrous cum sponge?” queried one Twitter user.

Another said they would be calling both the police and the Vatican to report such a unholy device.

Others reported being utterly grossed out by the idea of having to essentially pap smear themselves post-sex.

And some tweeters pointed out that the invention might be legitimately dangerous.

come&gone’s founder and CEO, Frances Tang, says she invented the product after becoming tired of her post-sex clean up ritual.

The sponge is supposedly made out of “medical grade material” and users are instructed to insert, swirl it around about 10 times, remove and toss (which seems somewhat environmentally irresponsible).

Sponges come in packs of 10, 20, 40 or… 69.

Reviewers seem pretty happy with the product though, despite the pushback online.

A comment (admittedly, unverified) left on come&gone’s product page by “Connie” reports that her daughter purchased her some sponges, which she says are AMAZING” and have proved very useful for her and husband of 43 years.

“My husbands ejaculate is the consistency of cake batter and pungent. It is always a rush to the bathroom to do a quick cleanup,” read’s Connie’s review. “after the last attempt, I fell and broke my hip and clean up has been taking more of a mental toll on me than usual.

“After my daughter bought this product for me, I no longer have to wait on the bed holding the semen in, hoping it does not erupt out of me like a volcano. Finally, no more wet undies, or glops of man-goo on my floor. I am getting older, and rushing to the bathroom is just not an option anymore.”

Perhaps this is a case of don't bash it (so to spe​ak) until you’ve tried it?

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