As exciting and emotional weddings can be, they can also include some tricky planning elements, like who pays, and how to set boundaries against toxic family members.

One man, unfortunately, found himself in a wedding plan gone sour when his stepdaughter, whom he raised because her biological father was abusive and in prison, didn't choose him to walk her down the aisle.

On a recent post on the "Am I The Asshole" subreddit, the user justalurker_ wrote about how much he loves his stepdaughter, and how he's been excited to pay for her upcoming wedding.

I've been in my stepdaughter's life since she was 2. My wife divorced her husband because he was abusive. He went to prison for that. But even after he served his sentence, he was never involved in my her life.

She's getting married next month. She always wanted to have a destination wedding in Mykonos, Greece. We decided that I'd help them pay for the wedding. Unfortunately, she lost a lot of money recently and I decided to pay for the wedding. Her fiance is helping, but it's not much. I love her and nothing would make me more happy.

All the arrangements were in place for the wedding in Mykonos, Greece, when his stepdaughter dropped a bombshell on him.

Yesterday, she told me that she wanted her bio dad to walk her down the aisle. She told me that he's a changed man and he deserves a chance and she'd try to accommodate me elsewhere.

Obviously hurt by her decision, the man was unsure of what to do next.

I'm really hurt by her decision. I was really looking forward to walking her down the aisle. My wife thinks that we should not pay for the wedding anymore.

She also thinks we should not attend the wedding. I think I agree with her reasoning. But if I don't pay, she won't have her destination wedding. AITA here?

Users were quick to give advice, with some suggesting to sit his stepdaughter down for a heart to heart, and others says that the whole ordeal was not worth his trouble.

In the end, the man updated the followers, saying he decidedto still pitch in to the wedding, but that he has absainted from attending inn support of his wife.

Edit: As some of you have suggested, I'll pay for the wedding, but I wont attend. I don't think my wife will attend and I think I should stay with her.

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