Former UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe shot down after announcement about his future

MEP and former UKIP member Steven Woolfe is hoping to finally get into Westminster by ousting Anna Soubry from her seat with 'muscular force'.

A few hours after Soubry, the MP for Broxtowe, announced that she had quit the Tory party to join the newly assembled Independent Group, Woolfe vowed that he would 'stand against' her as a Conservative.

However, his use of the phrase 'muscular force' raised a few questions.

Is this going to be a normal election or some sort of punch up (which we couldn't condone)?

If it is a fight, let's not forget that Woolfe has a history of fighting politicians and losing.

Failing that maybe it's a weightlifting contest, which we're sure Soubry would win with flying colours.

Either way, Woolfe's statement was met with derision and ridicule, firstly by people mocking his 'muscular force' line.

Then came the mentions of that altercation with UKIP defence spokesperson Mike Hookem in October 2016.

Woolfe's hopes of standing as a Tory, a party he hasn't been a member of since 2010, were also shot down.

To really put the cherry on top of this phenomenally bad tweet, the Conservatives own press office tweeted Woolfe to tell him his membership had been rejected.

HT The Poke

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