Sweden has a ‘museum of failure’ and they've just added Donald Trump

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Did you know that Donald Trump once released his own version of Monopoly?

It was called 'Im Back You're Fired — Trump, The Game.' There's probably a reason you haven't heard of it as by all accounts it was awful.

Now the board game, made by the current President of the United States, is being placed in a museum.

The wonderfully named 'Museum of Failure' in Helsingborg, Sweden is full of useless items that nobody cared for.

Curated by Samuel West, the museum features odd items like the Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask, female only pens and a plastic bicycle.

It is already proving to be a big hit for tourists, with visitors coming from as far as China and Canada to see this glorious collection of failures.

The below video displays some of the oddities on display.

In an interview with NBC News West said

I genuinely believe that as a society we underestimate failure. Failure is how you learn to walk and learn to talk.Any skills that you have are gained by failing first.

He also believes that more should be done in society to appreciate failure and hopes the museum can promote a positive message.

The media like to cover the museum because they get to show some funny stuff and write a clickbait headline. But the underlying message is definitely not a gimmick.

On that note it should be pointed out that the museum doesn't just contain rarities that no one has heard of, for it also contains a DeLorean DMC-12, the failed sports car made famous by the Back to the Future movies.

Naturally the most topical item is the Trump board game, which was released in 1989. If you are wondering if it is any good then West has some bad news for you.

It's a very lousy version of Monopoly.


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