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How would you respond if your partner took a large chunk of your holiday budget, and spent it without even consulting you?

Most people would be completely livid, and maybe even consider ending said relationship.

This teacher's wife, however, reacted in a completely different and unexpected way when this exact situation happened to her, and it's incredible.

It all started when a teacher noticed that one of his pupils was attending school each day in exactly the same outfit of only a hoodie and sneakers, with no winter jacket and boots. At first he brushed it off, but then as the winter months approached, he realised that the student could get seriously ill.

Because he was concerned, he asked the student to stay behind and talk to him one day to make sure he was ok, and that's when he found out that the student lived with his grandfather who was on a very small pension, that he had a job at Chick Fill, but they could barely make ends meet.

That's when he decided to offer the student $800 to help out with his clothing and food.

Luckily, his wife was completely on board with the request, understanding his reasons immediately.

When the exchange was posted on Imgur, it quickly went viral, and many were quick to share how happy they were about the heartwarming display of Christmas spirit.

One wrote:

When wonderful people meet each other & support each other that in of itself is a wonderful story.

Another commented:

This is such pure wholesome kindness.

A third summed it up:

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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