The biscuit map of Great Britain

The tea-time biscuit habits of Britons have been laid bare in a new report.

The Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2015 showed that the slowest ‘dunkers’ of biscuits in tea are in the North East - 65 per cent wait for the biscuit to go soft before taking a bite, whereas the South West are split 50/50 on dunking slow or fast.

The survey also reveals soya milk has fallen out of favour with health-conscious consumers, with droves of people turning to almond milk instead.

Perhaps more surprisingly, it also suggests that where you come from might influence your choice of biscuit.

Take a look at the biscuit map of Britain:

Central England: A Malted Milk goes down nicely.

Oxford vs Cambridge: Scholars in Oxford prefer their digestives topped with dark chocolate while those in Cambridge prefer theirs with milk chocolate.

Scotland: Scots, unsurprisingly, are rather partial to shortbread and Tunnock's Tea Cakes.

North East: Ginger nuts come top of the list here.

Lancashire and English borders: Chocolate digestives are the favourite in this area.

Yorkshire: Custard or Bourbon Creams rule supreme.

East of England: Healthier biscuits edge ahead in East Anglia.

East London: On-the-go Londoners eat breakfast biscuits more than most.

Wales and South West: A classic Rich Tea is the favourite for the Welsh and for those in the South West.

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