These are the best paid bosses according to research from Times Higher Education.

Their salary survey shows that the Vice Chancellor of Nottingham Trent University was the highest paid between 2013-14, if you include salary benefits and pension.

Here is the full list:

  1. Nottingham Trent University (£623,000)
  2. London Metropolitan University (£453,000)
  3. University of Oxford (£442,000)
  4. London Business School (£419,000)
  5. The Open University (£412,000)
  6. University of Birmingham (£410,000)
  7. University of Exeter (£400,000)
  8. University of Bath (£395,000)
  9. LSE (£394,000)
  10. University of Surrey (£392,000)

Source: Times Higher Education

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