Picture: Vladimir FLoyd/iStock
Picture: Vladimir FLoyd/iStock

Over on Quora, users asked for a brain teaser that is very short and extremely hard for adults.

They received an excellent answer from Peter Flom

Brian Hoang has also suggested this puzzle, which he claims was shown to him by a waiter in a Mexico.

The puzzle uses 12 tooth pics, arranged to create four squares:

Picture: Quora

The challenge? Turn this shape into three perfect squares, in exactly three moves.

The rules:

  • One move classifies as moving one toothpick in any manner.
  • A perfect square is one in which all four corners are closed (i.e. the toothpicks are touching).
  • You cannot break or otherwise modify a toothpick.
  • You cannot put two toothpicks right next to each other and count that as one side.
  • You must use exactly three moves as mentioned above. No less, no more.
  • All three squares must be of the same size.
  • Every toothpick must be part of a square.

Once you've had a bash at this for over 30 minutes to no avail, scroll down to see the three moves:

First move

Picture: Quora

Second move

Picture: Quora

Third move

Picture: Quora

Can you find any other solutions? Let us know in the comments.

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