This couple have made a hilarious parody of Instagram's most famous account

Chances are you've stumbled across the famous #followmeto photos series created by photographer Murad Osman and featuring his wife Nataly.

The intimate travel photos, taken first on an iPhone, then on a DSLR, led to the creation of a website and over four million Instagram followers as they inspired people across the world with their loving relationship...

They've taken amazing photos all over the world

Just stunning

Enter Taiwanese couple Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien...

They have… reinterpreted the original photo series…

Because traditional romance is over-rated anyway, right?

Follow me, drag's just semantics really...

The photos were taken while they were holidaying in Hawaii, and the collection has amassed 30,000 likes on the Facebook page they were posted on in less than 24 hours.


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