This skydiving near miss is the most terrifying thing you'll see today

This video shows a pair of tandem skydivers have an incredible near miss with the aeroplane they have just jumped out of.

Shot on 19 October last year, but uploaded to YouTube this weekend, the video shows the plane appear to nosedive before clipping the drogue chute of the divers.

After the miss, the divers begin to spiral before the instructor calmly regains control and they have a safe journey back down to earth.

The video was uploaded by a Forest Pullman, who is listed on Google Plus as living in Bangkok, who explains at the end of the video: "To live another day! But time to reconsider... be safe out there!"

Judging by the code on the underside of the plane's wing - HS-EFS - it appears to be registered to the Thai Sky Adventure company - the words "Thai Sky" can also be seen on another part of the video - which is based in Pattaya, to the south of Bangkok. has contacted both Mr Pullman and Thai Sky Adventure to find out some more details about the incident. We probably won't be booking any skydiving holidays for a while.

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