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A woman who fat-shamed a guy after matching with him on Tinder, was shut down by him in the best way.

After matching on the dating app, the woman, who is only known as "Becca", direct messaged the guy writing:

You're very fat. I don't like fat people. I accidentally liked you. I'm sorry

But the hate didn't stop there, because she continued her abuse by messaging:

Please don't kill yourself. Someone will love you and your husky one day. Just not me. Cus I like normal sized people. Which you are not. So Bye.

But instead of losing his cool, the guy had the most epic response to the hateful messages. He calmly wrote back:

Wait I'm fat?! When did that happen?

He continued:

But I promise I won't kill myself. Thanks for the opinion/facts about me. I'll try to work on it. I'm not really into c***s anyway

The girl responds to his last message by saying "Listen here f***o", but that is where the conversation ends.

The guy, who posted the exchange on Bored Panda, received a lot of praise from other users.

"Anyone can diet and fix a weight problem. There isn't really a cure to being an a**hole though," one user wrote.

Another was more shocked by the statement about the husky than the actual fat-shaming, wiring:

She must be a terrible person since she doesn't like huskies! Who hates puppers?!

It is not secret that Tinder is a blind-date lottery – just make sure you call out the bad apples.

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