Government branded ‘ridiculous and embarrassing’ for reportedly budgeting £30m for a ‘Festival of Brexit’

Joanna Taylor
Tuesday 24 November 2020 14:58
( Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images )

People are ridiculing the government for budgeting almost £30m for the ‘Festival of Brexit’ in the wake of a widespread economic hardship.

The event, officially known as Festival UK 2022, will feature “show-stopping events” and “celebrate what it means to be British”.

The government will reportedly announce £29m for the festival during Wednesday’s spending review, as well as £152m for partying in what will hopefully be the post-Covid era.

Funds are also set to be allocated for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

People mocked the “ridiculous and embarrassing” idea. 


For instance, why is the government committed to spending on a festival, but not on a pay rise for the NHS staff who have battled against the pandemic?

Matt Hancock has repeatedly refused to commit to one.


Meanwhile, some public sector workers are faced with a potential pay freeze


According to campaigners, it would have taken less than £30m to fund food vouchers for children who usually receive free school meals across October half term.

The Tories voted against extending the scheme after conceding to Labour and Marcus Rashford’s campaign over summer.


With no deal yet reached, we don’t even know what Brexit will look like in 2022. It seems a bit premature to commit to celebrating it.