Trump aide handed block of cheese in Alan Partridge-style protest

Things took a turn for the Alan Partridge in Rome after a photo opportunity for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was interrupted by a woman wielding a hunk of cheese.

The incident was caught on film and needs to be seen to be believed.

The lady in question, Alice Martinelli, had a message for president Donald Trump and one can assume she would not be in favour of him getting a second series (or term):

I have a present for you — an Italian present.

The prime minister knows what I am talking about. This is Parmigiano-Reggiano, and this is what we make best in Italy.

Pompeo is seen to smile politely but Conte says "May I ask the lady to step aside, please?” Unfazed, she replies, “I’d be grateful if you could also help.”

Conte counters with, “Don’t worry, I’m doing my job.”

The scene concludes with Martinelli escorted offstage by security but not before adding:

Take it to Mr. Trump, please, and tell that we make it with our hearts, please.

The stunt was designed to convey the message that Italian dairies are worried about Trump’s looming tariffs on European food products. Sadly the cheese was not thrust into the face of the aide.

If you are wondering why we have reference Alan Partridge throughout this article just take a look at the video below from the classic sitcom and all will make sense.

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