Trump mercilessly booed at second sporting event in the space of a week

Trump mercilessly booed at second sporting event in the space of a week

If this week is anything to go by, Donald Trump should probably give sporting events a wide berth, as some sports fans clearly don't want to be in the same building as him.

Less, than a week after being greeted with boos and chants of 'lock him up' at a World Series baseball game in Washington, Trump showed up at UFC 244 in Madsion Square Garden, New York.

He was reportedly in attendance with his eldest sons, Eric and Donald Jr, who were probably hoping to sit quietly and enjoy the big main event fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.

Although that probably didn't happen, before Trump was even in his seat he knew he wasn't entirely welcome in the arena as he was greeted with a chorus of deafening boos.

Reports do suggest that Trump did receive some applause from the fans and was seen fist-pumping before the first fight began and at least in this instance there's no indication that he left early, which is what he did at the baseball just seven days ago.

Interestingly, the UFC clearly wanted him there as the POTUS met with the president of UFC, Dana White, before the show and posed with the BMF championship, a new title that the UFC introduced that evening.

Trump's attendance was announced in advance, which led to Fox News' Pete Hegseth, declaring that a Democrat would never go to a UFC fight due to it being "gross" and "toxic masculinity."

After the fight, one of the competitors who were on the card, Derrick Lewis, claimed that Trump's presence and the reaction it created had a negative impact on his preparation.

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