Last month, Donald Trump announced he’d be throwing the opening pitch at the Yankees and Boston Red Sox match at Yankee Stadium on 15 August.

The POTUS told reporters on 23 July:

Randy Levine [President of the NY Yankees] is a great friend of mine from the Yankees and he asked me to throw out the first pitch. I think I’m doing that on 15 August at Yankee Stadium.

There was just one problem – he hadn’t actually been invited, according to a source with knowledge of Trump’s schedule, who told The New York Times.

Trump’s announcement came about shortly before Dr Anthony Fauci was due to throw the first pitch at the season opener between the Yankees and the Washington Nationals.

Just three days later, Trump tweeted – and was swiftly mocked – that he “won’t be able to be in New York to throw out the opening pitch” afterall:

Fast forward to 15 August on Saturday and Trump was pictured playing golf with former NFL player Jay Feely:

People flooded the tweet with replies asking Trump to ask why he’s too busy to throw the Yankees pitch but not too busy to play golf:

While some took the opportunity to mock the POTUS for weird makeup or tan stains on his white polo shirt:

What a mess... literally.

Earlier this month, Trump was ridiculed for his 283rd time playing golf since becoming president in January 2017.

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