Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son to former president Donald Trump, has never shied away from defending his father’s rhetoric and mannerisms towards those in opposition.

The former president, as a result, is banned from doing his usual rants on Twitter or any of the most used social media platforms.

To combat this in a way, Trump has decided to blog on a website called From the Desk of Donald J.Trump. It kind of acts like Twitter but with extended responses that exceed the app’s character limit.

Trump Jr. is evidently still allowed on Twitter and other platforms and really seems to be trying his best to walk in his father’s footsteps regarding his right-leaning ideologies.

But now, Trump Jr. is doing what he can to support tech mogul and billionaire Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live debacle.

Musk has become a divisive issue after receiving the hosting gig because some cast members were allegedly not thrilled that he would be hosting a segment. Other people are also not pleased with his initial openness of not getting the Covid-19 vaccine and downplaying the risk of the virus.

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Despite these criticisms of Musk, Trump Jr. took to his Twitter to post a video that links to a video-content website called Rumble.

“Saturday Night Live has become a joke and not in a funny way. Did you see their recent snowflake meltdown about Elon Musk hosting?” read Trump Jr.’s Twitter caption.

He then continues the caption to insinuate that “wokeness” has broken down comedy.

Within the Rumble video, you see Trump Jr. wearing a t-shirt with tropical trees behind him that look similar to an island vacation as he begins to talk about his understanding ofSNL.

“I’m old enough to remember when Saturday Night Live was actually funny”, he said in the video, encapsulating his father’s mannerisms such as talking with his hands.

He also reiterates “wokeness” and that Musk is one of the greatest “modern minds of all time.” Trump Jr., of course, didn’t shy away from talking about Musk’s wealth and business successes.

It’s quite hard to keep up with everything he says because it seems like rambling, although you can catch the vibe that what he’s saying is very conservative.

He then seemed to take a trip down memory lane when comparing the current cast ofSNL to that of the ‘70s and how much “censorship” is present in comedy now.

“I imagine that the ‘70s cast of SNL would kick today’s SNL’s a** just for being crybabies and snowflakes, “ Trump Jr. said.

Bullying much?

Poking fun at people who may not be the most pleased with Musk’s role over the weekend seems to be something right up Trump Jr.’s alley.

However, Trump Jr. did state that he will be tuning in on Saturday to watch saying, “maybe he [Musk] can be the catalyst of change to make Saturday Night Live funny again.”

Perhaps Trump Jr. will post another video on Rumble to discuss the show this weekend.

View Donald Trump Jr.’s video on Rumble here.

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