The former White House photographer for Barack Obama gave the best response to Trump’s tweets about Chinese tariffs.

The president has increased tariffs by 25 per cent on more than 6,000 products, which would affect American businesses which manufacture in China.

In response to criticism, he tweeted telling people to build their products in the US instead.

Pete Souza, who was the chief official photographer for presidents Ronald Raegan and Obama, tweeted back with a photo of one of Ivanka Trump's products in a box saying "Made in China".

This prompted others to tweet photos of their own Trump-branded garments with the label – also saying "Made in China" – showing.

In a case of hilarious irony, it seems even MAGA hats are manufactured there.

Many were quick to point out the hypocrisy at play.

Souza has been a vocal critic of Trump's in the past, regularly tweeting in reference to Robert Muller's investigation, accusing the president of lying – among other things.

He also recently used Instagram as a platform to mock the president, who was boycotted by a number of players for the Boston Red Sox baseball team when they were invited to the White House. He contrasted this news with images of Obama with the team.

He also regularly posts images he took during Obama's presidency with subtle digs at Trump in the captions.

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