Trump still seems to think that stealth planes are literally invisible

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74-year-old Donald Trump is the 45 president of the United States and he still appears to think that military stealth planes are literally invisible.

Yes, not for the first time in his presidency, Trump has appeared to have suggested that the military stealth planes like the F-35s are literally invisible to their enemies.

When speaking to the press on Wednesday, Trump touched on reports that countries in the Middle East might be interested in buying the some of the planes and the president revealed an interesting conversation that he had had with a pilot.

I think, look, they’ve definitely got the money to pay for it. It’s nice because usually what we, a lot of times we make deals they don’t have 25 cents, these countries we deal with. We give it to them like, 'How about paying us back later?' But they never pay because they don’t have the money. Now they have the money and they would like to order quite a few F35s. It’s the greatest fighter jet in the world, as you know, by stealth, totally stealth. You can’t see. It makes it very difficult. I was asking a pilot, 'What do you think is better? This one, this one, that one,' talking about Russian planes, Chinese planes.

Now, is it just us or did Trump say that you literally cannot see a massive plane that is flying around in the sky?

The president is either a little confused about what stealth actually means (i.e. it doesn't show up on enemy radar) or he has been watching too much of Wonder Woman in her invisible jet, which actually was invisible.

Bizarrely, Trump carried on talking and praised the pilots that he had spoken to calling them tougher and better looking than Tom Cruise, who seems to have been dragged into this for no other reason than him playing a fighter pilot in Top Gun.

You know, they look, by the way, I said to these pilots that I meet, they look better than Tom Cruise, and they’re definitely tougher. He’s a nice guy, but these people are amazing and I speak to him a lot about it. What do you think, as I go around to the various places, I saved the big one in Florida as an example. That was a big one, knocked down pretty much by the hurricane. So, I spent a lot of time on that. And it’s the greatest plane in the world.

As mentioned this is not the first time that Trump has said this, as this super cut demonstrates.

Once again, the president of the United States of America...

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