Trump is visiting a city in Texas and residents are letting him know he isn't welcome there

Donald Trump has arrived in the Texan city of McAllen, on the Mexican border, to meet border agency officials and oversee the situation which he has deemed a 'national emergency'.

When Trump landed on the tarmac in the small southern Texas city he was greeted by fans and supporters but that appeared to be only a small population of the McAllen, which plays host to one of the controversial child detention camps which dominated the news last year.

As tweets, photos and videos proved, Trump wasn't welcome in the city, which has a large Hispanic and Latino population, and the locals were more than prepared to let him know.

Firstly, there is the historic Cine El Rey Theatre, which displayed a sign informing people that McAllen is the 'seventh safest city in America' - a fact based on a 2015 survey (they have since slipped down to eleventh).

Those approving of the sign included CNN's Jim Acosta and former Texan Senate hopeful Beto O'Rourke who have shared articles about this story.

Acosta also visited McAllen, where a partial border wall already exists, just to demonstrate how quiet the area is.

Elsewhere, locals took to the streets with homemade signs to demonstrate that they didn't approve of Trump's plans and that there wasn't any imminent danger in their town.

There was a small number of pro-Trump supporters present on the streets.

The infamous Trump baby balloon also made an appearance.

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