Furious Trump supporters scream 'white power!' as they drive through university campus

Megan Squire/ Twitter

Supporters of Donald Trump congregated in a convoy of around 200 vehicles on Saturday and drove through Elon University, some of which were heard shouting 'white power.'

Footage has been shared on social media of the vehicles, many of which appeared to be trucks, as they tore through the middle of the Elon University campus in North Carolina as well as the surrounding towns of Elon and Graham, including a Confederate monument in the latter.

Several videos of the trucks, which are decorated in Trump campaign, "Blue Lives Matter" and the United States flags, shouting 'white power' and 'all lives matter' from their trucks as they drove past pedestrians and other motorists.

Megan Squire, a professor in computer science at Elon University, documented the convoy and captured the moment where one of the Trump supporters shouted "no they f**king don't b**ch. Go back home c**t" after they saw her Black Lives Matter sign.

Elon News Network reports that several students attempted to disrupt the convoy by continuously crossing the street on Haggard Avenue but were told to stop by the police. In an email sent to all members of the university president by Connie Book, the racist slurs that were yelled by the Trump supporters were heavily condemned and that 'no trespass orders' be issued to those that yelled the insults in order to prevent them from returning.

According to Elon News Network, the parade lasted for around two hours and had started at ACE Speedway, where several speakers addressed the crowd. The event was reportedly organised by Gary Williamson on Facebook, who is a member of the Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County organisation, a neo-Confederate group which The Hill adds have previously been labelled as a 'hate group' by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

The president's campaign team have since distanced themselves from the group and their comments. In a statement given to The Hill, spokesman Tim Murtaugh said:

The President has repeatedly condemned racism and white supremacy. This has no place in our campaign.

In June, Trump sparked controversy when he retweeted a video of some of his supporters in a retirement community in Florida, where one man could also be heard yelling 'white power.'

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