A TV vet has slammed dog owners for not putting their dogs on leads, warning that it simply isn’t safe.

Writing on Facebook, Dr Katrina Warren criticised those who let their pets roam free and said not having a leash was also “annoying”.

“Please put your dog on a lead,” she urged.

“Why has this become so difficult? This includes cafes, walking on the footpath and at parks that are not designated off-leash.”

“I don’t understand it - your dog may be friendly, but how do you know how the dog they run up to will react? And why is it OK for your dog to be annoying to others? I’ve witnessed some dangerous things with fights, knocked-down tables, terrified kids and boiling coffee going all directions.”

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She added that she has witnessed “dog fights” when two unleashed dogs meet which had amped up her frustration.

Warren then also noted another issue she had observed with dog owners, something she dubbed the “poodemic.” She continued:

“Yes, dog poo is unpleasant, but you need to pick it up! If your dog does a poo on a footpath at night, it might be a shock to learn that you still need to pick it up, even if there were no witnesses! I know it’s hard to get your head around, but I’m getting sick of giant piles of poo on the footpath waiting in the morning!”

Fair enough!

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