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UKIP leader Gerard Batten is starting to get as bad at Twitter as his predecessor Nigel Farage.

In this year alone he has already made social media blunders when talking about Ireland and when asking the Queen to suspend parliament.

His latest faux pas came after he tried to troll LBC radio for promoting an upcoming series of shows from prominent Labour MP's and the pro-EU Tory MP Anna Soubry.

Sensing that this would possibly be a bit anti-Brexit, Batten chose to reply to the tweet by subtly voicing his disdain for the forthcoming lineup.

Unfortunately for Batten, who is a 64-year-old man and a member of the European Parliament, he really should have spellchecked his tweet before posting it, as it contained a minor but glaring error which was duly pointed out by LBC's most prominent anti-Brexit broadcaster, James O'Brien, with a scathing tweet for the UKIP leader.

Oh dear...

O'Brien wasn't the only person on Twitter to point out Batten's mistake and he was on the receiving end of brutal trolling.

Still, it's hardly the first time that UKIP has embarrassed themselves grammatically on social media.

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