Uncle Roger is not afraid to call it like he sees it when it comes to cooking rice and it looks like Jamie Oliver was in the firing line.

The YouTube character – played by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng – hilariously slammed Oliver’s egg fried rice recipe as “disgusting”, “all wrong” and “f***** up” in his latest video.

So what’s so bad about Oliver’s recipe?

Throughout the video posted to YouTube on Sunday, Uncle Roger called out the celebrity chef’s use of a frying pan instead of a wok, adding water to the rice mid-cook and using a packet of rice instead of preparing his own.

It all kicked off after Oliver used spring onions to start and Uncle Roger remarked that they should be used as a garnish, not as a base to the dish.

So the comedian stopped the video and bluntly remarked:

You hear sizzling? I hear my ancestors crying.

Uncle Roger then tore into Oliver’s use of chilli jam and olive oil, remarking the celebrity chef should just use sriracha sauce.

On the use of chilli jam, Ng said:

Is this how you trick white people into eating chilli?

At one point, Uncle Roger said the rice looked so wet, “you can see your reflection inside – Mulan is going to start singing when she sees this rice”.

Offering a final review of the recipe, Uncle Roger said:

So many sad things happening [in this video]. He wasted the spring onion. He wet the rice and now he tear[s] apart the tofu like paper.

The overall rating? “All wrong”.


People were absolutely loving the hilarious YouTube review though and took to social media to share their thoughts:

Watch the full video:

Uncle Roger made headlines in July when he released his first rice review featuring a BBC Food recipe. It has since clocked up over 12 million views.

He’s uploaded just seven videos as his Uncle Roger character and has over a million subscribers.

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