Utah health officials calculate vaccinate rate according to zodiac sign - and it’s not good news for Scorpios

Utah health officials calculate vaccinate rate according to zodiac sign - and it’s not good news for Scorpios

Zodiac signs and Covid vaccines aren’t exactly two things you would put together, but here we are.

The Salt Lake County Health Department has shared the data on the vaccine rate of each star sign - and while your star sign doesn’t actually affect your decision to get vaccinated or not, it nonetheless makes for some interesting reading.

In a post to Twitter on Tuesday (October 19), the health department tweeted out the list and insisted the information was actually based on real data within the county.

They wrote: “Now that Mercury is not in retrograde, we’re just going to leave this here... (and yes, this is based on data)”

So, what does the information show?

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Well, it’s good news for all you Leos out there as this fire sign came out on top with the highest vaccination rate at 70 per cent.

Then closely behind in second place was Aquarius at 67 per cent, with Aries and Sagitarrius in third (59 per cent).

(Clearly, there’s a pattern since three of the top four signs are fire signs.)

Followed by the mid-table signs Cancer (58 per cent), Taurus (56 per cent), Gemini (55 per cent), and Libra (54 per cent).

At the bottom, were Pisces and Capricorn with 51 per cent, then Virgo at 50 per cent.

Finally, the sign with the lowest vaccinate rate was Scorpio at 46 per cent - which is pretty ironic considering they’re least likely to get jabbed when their astrological symbol is the stinging Scorpion.

“What we’re really doing is finding new and different ways to keep our community talking about vaccination when there is significant message fatigue around the topic,” the Salt Lake County Health Department said in a tweet.

Astrology is certainly a widely discussed topic with a buzzing TikTok online community.

News of the Salt Lake County zodiac chart soon when viral on the app with TikTok @yaayeeboy shared the information with his followers.


#greenscreen #leo #scorpio #zodiac #utah

His video now has over 2.4m and 460,000, while tens of thousands of people flooded to the comments to give their take on the results

Leos and Aquarius coming in first and second place didn’t seem to surprise anyone.

One person wrote: “Leos are too vain to die.”

“As a Leo I truly can’t go to the afterlife knowing some girl named Covid took me out... like that’s not with the fantasy,” YouTuber Bretman Rock said.

Someone else replied: “Leo and Aquarius have too big of god complexes to die haha - Aquarius.”

“Leos and Aquarius being sister signs,” a fourth person replied.

While Scorpios in the comments section shared their embarrassment at coming last and others tried to pinpoint why this is the case.

One person wrote: “As a vaccinated Scorpio I’m embarrassed LMAO.”

“Scorpios’ trust issues run deep apparently,” another person said.

Someone else added: “As a Scorpio, I don’t claim the other Scorpios.”

“I’m a Scorpio, I’m vaccinated, but I can confirm we don’t care if we die or not,” a fourth person replied.

Elsewhere, someone else praised the health officials for their genius publicity campaign.

They wrote: “Genius marketing move. They know the girlies get mad competitive about their signs.”

We’re heading into Scorpio season (October 23 - November 22), so maybe they can turn things around?

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