Furious vegans brand restaurant 'disgusting' for naming burger after Greta Thunberg
KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / Steffi Loos / Getty Images

People are calling out the "tone deaf" decision of Australian restaurant Lazy Gramps to name one of their burgers the 'Greta Thunburger'.

The plant-based burger's description on Uber Eats says it's "full of hot air, light on facts and high in carbon monoxide".

It also says "you ruined my meat", a reference to Greta Thunberg's 2019 speech to the UN in which she said "you have stolen my childhood with your empty words".

A private Facebook group for vegans was not impressed, with members calling the burger's name and description "tone deaf at best, disgusting at worst" and "an attempt at belittling a child" according to Yahoo News.

Another wrote that besides the offence it just "doesn't sound appealing". The $15 burger includes "home-style falafel, tomato, pickles, lettuce drizzled with a hummus tahini sauce, with minimum carbon foot print" according to Lazy Gramps.

A spokesman for the Victoria-based joint invited "those that are offended by the description" to send in their own suggestions and "we may replace it with the current description".

He added that the current description is:

Aimed mainly at main stream media, who we believe via Greta, push division amongst people by pushing a certain narrative of us vs them! Life should be about balance.

While the Greta Thunburger is clearly a (not particularly inventive) joke, the 17 year-old climate activist has been subject to disproportionate levels of ridicule and abuse, often from older men like Donald Trump, Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson.

Trolls are never far away when Thunberg makes a media appearance, even mocking her when she revealed she suspected she had coronavirus.

But Thunberg's sense of humour means that she always gets the last laugh, like that time she proposed a "sarcastic slow clap" for polluting companies to rival the clap for carers.

Of course there's also the fact that she's consistently proved absolutely right by scientists on the terrifying reality of climate change.

Don't say she didn't warn us.

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