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A British passport is one of the best documents to have in the world (at least, while we still have freedom of movement in the EU).

It's ranked joint first by the World Tourism Organisation, with Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Singapore.

So where exactly can British passport holders go visa free?

The below map shows all the places you can jump on a plane and take a spontaneous trip too, sans visa.

The countries in blue show places that the UK shares freedom of movement with, meaning there are no restrictions on living and working in those countries indefinitely.

The countries in green show visa-free travel, the one's in yellow show countries you're issued with a visa of on arrival.

The orange shows where eVisas are required and the red is where you need to get a visa.

The majority of the countries in the top 20 for visa-free travel are in the EU.

  1. Finland (173)
  2. Sweden (173)
  3. United Kingdom (173)
  4. Denmark (172)
  5. Germany (172)
  6. Luxemboug (172)
  7. United States (172)
  8. Belgium (171)
  9. Italy (171)
  10. Netherlands (171)
  11. Canada (170)
  12. France (170)
  13. Ireland (170)
  14. Japan (170)
  15. Norway (170)
  16. Portugal (170)
  17. Spain (170)
  18. Austria (168)
  19. New Zealand (168)
  20. Switzerland (168)

So, if you fancy escaping for a bit, there's no shortage of places to go.

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