What crawls out of this man's mouth is the most disgusting thing you'll see today

Picture: Brandon Douglas/YouTube
Picture: Brandon Douglas/YouTube

Hello, curious friends. You have no idea what you've stumbled upon.

Brandon Douglas had a salivary stone. This is when your salivary gland has a blockage and a calcified mass forms.

It then needs to be excreted, or sometimes extracted via a procedure known as a sialoendoscopy.

Brandon managed to force his out himself. He also filmed it and put the footage on the internet.

We're warning you, this footage is fairly challenging - a reddit user asked why it wasn't titled:

My tongue just gave birth to a mucus rod.

You've been warned.

Watch the full video below:

Brandon said on the thread that he had no regrets about the video or extracting the stone himself.

Just ate an entire pizza without any pain. I regret nothing.

The relief I felt was out of this world. It is extremely irritating having one of those. Since that gland was blocked by the stone, whenever I would eat there would be nowhere for saliva on that side to go so the gland would just swell up and be really sore.

So what's next for Brandon?

I'm putting it on ebay. I want someone else to eat it and upload the video.


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